HS100 Hull Shield Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling for Boats

Industrial Grade Anti-Fouling for Recreational Vessels

Introducing the industries most advanced ultrasonic antifouling system available to retail consumers. Hull Shield systems are engineered with the same ultrasonic anti-fouling technology used by the US Coast Guard, Navy, and commercial shipping vessels.

Marine Bio-Fouling Solutions

The GAT Marine division is a leading technology producer in the marine anti-fouling sector. GAT works directly with clients to develop and implement specialized custom preventative solutions to inhibit marine bio-fouling.

Industrial Solutions

Innovative industrial technology, design, & implementation.

GAT // Advanced Technology Sectors

GAT serves several industry sectors with cutting-edge technology and research.


Industrial and consumer grade ultrasonic bio-fouling solutions.

Vertical Modeling

Custom software solutions for high-growth vertically integrated businesses.

Industrial Automation

Manufacturing, assembly, and automation project development.

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